Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

Bonnie’s Story ~ Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis for Adults.

You have just been diagnosed with diabetes, your blood sugar is high and you have to get your blood sugar back in line! What does all of this mean? You will hear lots of stories and unfortunately most often you will hear the bad news stories about diabetes. I hate to say it but those are the stories people remember. I know this can be a very overwhelming time; their is so much information available online and lets face it, the news media make it sound like diabetes is all about complications. I want people to know, they have so many choices.


Life Sentence

Diabetes is not a Life Sentence

Well I’m here to tell you a Living Well Story With Type 1 Diabetes.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my days when I feel frustrated and overwhelmed, lets face it we are dealing with a chronic condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I feel so fortunate, at a very young age I was introduced to dealing with diabetes one day at a time. For me, things changed each day, what happened yesterday with my activity, food and insulin was not necessarily what was going to work tomorrow. Managing Diabetes “One Day At a Time” was going to make my life a whole lot easier. In the beginning you were on a set insulin dose, everyday, and a set meal plan, at a set time. The insulin you gave in the morning was going to peak at a certain time and you had to match the food, activity with the timing of the insulin.

You are not alone, lets look at a few very basic things you can do right now. Everyone is different so what works for one person may not be what works for another. I know this doesn’t sound very reassuring, although, you will get through this. You will get to know and understand what is going on in your system with everything you do…..soon you will understand how your body reacts to the food you eat, the insulin you take, and the  physical activity in your life.

Your medical team will play a very important role in your diabetes management and well-being.  You will learn very quickly that diabetes is about self-management. Taking 100% responsibility where you are today and how you move forward will provide you with the best life you can have. It is all worth it. A life coach can be a great help and one that has diabetes is a win-win situation, if you would like to set up a time for a free consultation please click here to contact Bonnie. Looking for more information about coaching click here.

Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis for Children

When you are the parent of a child that has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes of course the parent(s) are the ones taking full responsibility. The only thing I can encourage you to do is teach your child how to care for themselves. I can’t imagine having a young child with diabetes that can’t even tell you when they are feeling their blood sugar going low.

I always remember one thing my mom and dad told me as I was growing up.

“The doctor told them, if they didn’t teach her how to look after herself, she would not live a long healthy life.”  

I know it was hard on my mom and dad, although each day I did learn a little more. Managing my diabetes became a way of life. When we went to the doctor to review my tests, the doctor included me in the appointment and made it a learning experience for all of us. The doctor talked to me at the appointment…..I’m so fortunate our family doctor was so committed to my well-being and my education about diabetes. I remember as early as nine years old reviewing my tests with the doctor. You have to remember they only had urine testing for at home testing and you had to go to the lab for your blood glucose to be checked.

Lets look at these three basic steps.  As you learn about each area you will understand how they all work together. Read more about your diabetes medical team will play an important role in your well-being.

Think of Diabetes as a healthy way to Live.  Diabetes can be managed.

The balance will include:


(Each item will effect your blood sugar, your doctor will give you your recommended blood glucose range before meals and after meals, before exercise and after exercise.)

FOOD – It is important to look at what you are eating and when you are eating. We all need nutritious food to be healthy. Diabetes will teach how foods work in your system. If anything you will be eating at regular times and you will be healthy and more satisfied. All foods are labeled with all nutrition facts today or you can find the facts on the type of food to serving size….this will be very important in your diabetes management. Remember you did not get type 1 diabetes because you ate too much sugar, that is purely a myth. Your dietitian will work with you to understand the best meal plan for your lifestyle. Review The Medical Team post to find out more about meeting with a Dietitian.

INSULIN and GLUCOSE MONITORING – Take your insulin and medication, monitor your blood glucose as prescribed by your doctor. The timing is important.  Insulin therapy has come a long way since the discovery of Insulin January 11, 1922. Most people remember diabetes from the original invention of Insulin, when you gave your insulin in the morning the timing of the food had to be exact to match up with the time your insulin. The insulin today has come a long way. Your doctor and medical team will recommend what is best for you.

ACTIVITY – If you haven’t been active this might be a good time to start. Ask your doctor what will be best for you. You will learn how your blood sugar response to different activities. When I’m trying a new activity, I test my blood sugar before, during, and after exercise. We will cover more on this topic in future posts.

Diabetes can be managed. I have been living with type 1 diabetes for 50 years now and I learn something new everyday. Everyday we have a choice to do the things that will be best for our overall well-being. Be gentle on yourself, one day at a time you will be able to live a healthy, active life.

Thanks Bonnie

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