My Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Plan

Bonnie's Story: When I was first diagnosed the doctor referred to the change in my insulin as the honeymoon stage, which meant my pancreas was producing some insulin. I really do not know how long this stage lasted for me. Very early in my diabetes, I realized what worked one day may not work the next, (everyone is different and so many things have changed over the years.) Today my pancreas produces no insulin and this is known as Type 1 diabetes. The choices today are endless in diabetes care. Read more [...]

Type 1 Diabetes Medical Team

Bonnie's Story: Know Your Medical Team: A great resource is available on-line to print and use for setting up your diabetes health care team. Me, My Health and My Diabetes Team. If you prefer to talk to someone at the Canadian Diabetes Association you can find a regional office in your area. Your medical team may consist of but not limited to the medical team shown on this list. Depending on your individual medical needs your doctor will refer you to the medical team that is right for you. Read more [...]

Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

Bonnie's Story ~ Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis for Adults. You have just been diagnosed with diabetes, your blood sugar is high and you have to get your blood sugar back in line! What does all of this mean? You will hear lots of stories and unfortunately most often you will hear the bad news stories about diabetes. I hate to say it but those are the stories people remember. I know this can be a very overwhelming time; their is so much information available online and lets face it, the news media make Read more [...]

Welcome to

Bonnie's Story ~ Welcome to Hello....I'm Bonnie.  Welcome to my website. I want to share my experiences with you about Living Well with Type 1 Diabetes for 50+ years, and why it's my purpose to help others achieve the same. I'm not going to pretend I haven't had challenging, although, I want to share the message that you can Live Well with diabetes. My Vision: As a person who has Lived Well with Type 1 Diabetes since childhood, I know being newly diagnosed can Read more [...]