Diabetes Facts and Myths

Bonnie’s Story:

Some of the experiences having Diabetes is dealing with the miss-understanding of what diabetes is and specifically what type 1 diabetes is.

Oh! you have to take a needle?

Yes, I have been diabetic since I was 6 years old and I have always been on insulin.  I have type 1 diabetes and the only option is insulin.

Oh you have the Bad Diabetes?????

Well no, I have type 1 diabetes and my pancreas no longer makes insulin so I have to give a needle.  Type 2 diabetes is a different condition.

Did you eat to much sugar when you were young?

No, type 1 diabetes is not caused by eating to much sugar.  I was a very skinny little kid.

Did your Mom and Dad have Diabetes?

No, neither my Mom or Dad have diabetes.

You can’t eat that?

My eating plan is based on all food groups, including some that turn into sugar, my insulin injection covers the sugar in my body just like your pancreas is now covering the sugar you are eating.  Insulin has come a long way, my fast acting insulin works on the same timing as my food.

Oh you are healthy for having Diabetes?

Yes I am, they have so many choices for diabetes care today and I work hard at making this work for me.  I lead a healthy lifestyle and I guess if I really look at it, diabetes keeps me on track.

My family member died of Diabetes?

This is never an easy situation.  I like to reassure people that living with diabetes today is very different then living with diabetes 20 years ago.  They have made wonderful advancements in diabetes care.

You can’t drink alcohol if your Diabetic can you?

You will find great information on the Canadian Diabetes Association site in regards to Alcohol and Diabetes.  It is important to understand how alcohol works in your system.  Let me tell you sweet drinks, mix with sugar, or liquors are not on my list of choices for drinks.  I have found if I choose a dry red or white wine or light beer seems to work for me, with little or no adjustment to my insulin.  My rule of thumb is I do not ever want to be in a situation where I may not know I am going low.  If I am dancing and getting lots of activity I make sure I’m having some food through out the evening.  Alcohol will actually lower your blood sugar throughout the night, If I have had a fun evening with a few drinks and dancing I will set my alarm to test during the night. Depending on my test before I go to bed, I will set my alarm to get up around 2 or 3 am to make sure everything is good.  This is a topic you will want to have with your doctor.  Everyone is different.

Canadian Diabetes Association site – Myths and Facts

People with diabetes can’t drink alcohol.
You should eat more protein than carbohydrates.
People with diabetes can’t eat white coloured food.
People with diabetes can’t eat their favourite food.
Having diabetes means your doomed.

Joslin Diabetes Center 4 Myth’s About Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.
Taking Insulin means you have “failed.”
If you have diabetes, you can’t lead an active lifestyle
Injecting Insulin is painful

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