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Welcome to Type 1 Diabetes.

unnamedI wanted to share my story about living well with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) for 50+ years, I also wanted to attract others interested in doing the same. If you are one of those people that would like to be part of sharing your T1D story, please contact me and lets set up a time to chat. There are many T1D living healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives and it is so rewarding to get this message out.

Most often the media do not paint a very pretty picture about diabetes, so how could people think anything less then the worst when it comes to living with diabetes. Yes, the reality of diabetes can have complications if you don;t manage it. By learning to manage you diabetes you can live well with T1D. although I want others to know that you can live well with T1D.

I’m hear to tell you there are many options available in managing T1D today and you can find a regime that works for you. In the news you will find a number of professional athletes, movie stars, etc. living well with T1D. I really encourage you to not let diabetes hold you back. It is a learning process and yes things do change, I guarantee you will get to know your body very well and you will also know exactly how food, insulin, and activity work together in your body. It is all worth it.

I want a place where a person can connect with others and realize there is hope. I know for a newly diagnosed T1D it can be more than overwhelming for them and their family. I remember a story my daughter told me when she was around seven, we were driving home and she was telling me she was feeling sad, when I asked why, she said that is was very scary for her having a Mom with diabetes. As it turned out, she heard on TV that diabetes kills people, and at seven with a Mom with diabetes, she thought I was going to die. It was so sad for her, she didn’t understand the commercial or that her Mom was living a healthy life with diabetes.

I want you to know there are so many options, so many resources and it does all come together. I want parents to know that there is hope and you will find a regime that works. When I was six, I thought 40 was really old and I thought if I lived to be 40, how lucky would I be. Well I’m happy to announce I’m 58.

I know everyone is different and we all have to find what works best for us.

Living Well With Diabetes.

Thanks Bonnie

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